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Supermarket Power Supply Program

Time:2017-10-27 15:34:16 comefrom: XED Power Supply

Supermarket Power Supply Program:

Whether the Monitoring system is good or bad, mainly dependon its monitoring effect. However a lot of factors would impact the quality ofmonitors,  the primary consideration isthe power supply mode which the power supply to the monitor camera.

Generally speaking ,Powersupply solution for the CCTV camera can be divided into three categories: independentpower supply mode, integrated  powersupply mode and POE power supply mode. The power supply in supermarkets must beindoor operation necessarily, unless the catastrophic disaster, they will notbe affected by climate change, and the indoor temperature is constant  temperature all the year , therefore, we can Chooserandom based on the supermarket's budget, business environment and other actualconditions from the three power supply model.

The Advantage & Disadvantage of the three modes power supply:

Independentpower supply mode, also called point to point power supply, namely: a powersupply connects one CCTV camera.

Advantage: In transmission process, thevoltage is generally 220V , therefore the independent power supply installsfor  the CCTV camera. It can reduce thevoltage and power lost since one power supply matches with onecamera.Therefore, it won’t caused by the power supply instability and otherfailures.

Disadvantage: It’s too much trouble if onepower supply matches with one camera.It will affect the overall beauty since wecan see many power supply in the side of camera.And the profit is relatively low.

Therefore, we recommend our customer to usecentralized power supply mode.

In general,we mainly use power adapter or waterproof power supply forindependent power supply mode.

Individual power supply

Integrated power supply

Integratedpower supply mode mainly adopted open frame power supply,metal box powersupply.

Integrated power supply mode: In the monitoringroom or some intermediate point,  12Vswitching power supply could be supplied to front-end load centrally.


Generally thevoltage of 220V adopted during the transmission of integrated power supply.Because several cameras are supplied by one integrated power supply. Therefore:

1)It is moreconvenient for the construction of integrated power supply.

2)During itstransmission, it is more convenient to do the maintenance & control andmanagement.

3)It could reducethe application of engineering cables and optimize the design of projectcables.


Since onepower supply needs to be supplied to several cameras, so more complicated earlyconfigurations requested for integrated power supply. If the transmissiondistance of DC low voltage power supply is too far , it increase higher voltageloss, which will lead to weaker anti-interference capacity during the currenttransmission.

Inparticular, if  the supermarket useinfrared cameras, it’s better to use individual power supply. Since larger currentrequested when the infrared function opened, it’s hard to attain the supremeinfrared effect from all cameras if use integrated power supply . 

POE power supplymode: POE is mainly used in high-definition network monitoring video

POE power supply is a technology thatprovides DC power to other devices without any changes to the existing EthernetCat.5 cabling infrastructure.

preferred choice of POE power supply inSecurity monitoring project

Ultra-high costperformance, everlasting stability

Advantages:supermarkets are densely -populated places, and sometimes they need toinstall more cameras than other places , the distance of power supply is not morethan 100 meters, so we recommend to use POE power supply mode. POE power supplydoes not require special construction, and easy to installs, It can save a lotof manpower costs, and the appearance looks more beautiful. Good quality POE canpromote the whole monitoring system more stable indeed.

Disadvantages:the receiving equipment power can not exceed 30Wof POE power, and thetransmission distance is limited, POE can only be used in high-definitionnetwork monitoring video, therefore, their requirements are generally higherthan normal on the cable quality.

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