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New Arrival Product XED-RZ120200FS

Time:2017-10-24 10:36:29 Come from: XED Power Supply

Newlydefined waterproof power supply. Model NO. XED-RZ120200FS Notonly practical, real material, high quality, but also Anti-surge andanti-lightning. Whatelse humanized details that make the installation easier?

Model No.:

Manufacturing date :
2017. Feb.
DC12V 2A
132.3*86*32 mm
Shenzhen XED PowerSupply Co.,Ltd

1. High-quality circuit design

XED-RZ120200FSis defined by the safety standard, and its scheme meets the safetycertification system and the requirements of energy efficiency grade VI.

Comparedwith the previous generation of products to achieve lighter and higher chargingefficiency. We adopt high precision resistant and capacitive components toimprove the reliability and stability of the products.

2."Universal"monitoring power supply

TheXED-RZ120200FS can easily compatible with the market surveillance cameras. Aslong as a waterproof power supply will be able to solve your power supply requirement,regardless of the summer or winter, stay in the Africa or the North Pole,please do not worry about the monitor get any problems due to lack of power orenvironmental factors.


XED-RZ120200FSnot only has both sides of the anti-skid design, comfortable feeling, gentlypinch can be pulled out; there are intimate design, set aside in the bottom ofthe two U-shaped mouth, easy to wiring, Let's go closer to your life!

4.Outstanding appearance

The top of XED-RZ120200FS follow the previous generation of excellentdesign style, the symmetrical "double ear" and it associates withreal life to facilitate the user to install. At the same time, in order toachieve a simple & beautiful appearance, we use the PC plasticenvironmental protection material with  scratches prevention  & long time enduring. 

5.Multipleprotection of power supply

XED-RZ120200FSequipped with five layers of insurance, more secure with more energy-saving. Itsupports input over-current protection, output over-voltage protection, dualshort circuit protection, over temperature protection and overload protection,and 100% full load aging test to ensure the sustainable application of powersupply. It is one of your best options for daily life! 

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