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How the power supply works?

Time:2016-1-25 11:05:43 Come from: XED Power Supply

Power supply is applied to supply related power for normal working to electronic equipment, such as IP camera,phone,notebook and etc.  Simply speaking, the power supply working principle is that power supply transfers 220V AC power to DC low voltage, which supplies stable power for electronic equipment .

Generally speaking, the power supply we use mostly is switching power supply, combining with PWM & MOSFET.

Advantage: High efficiency for transfer ,compacted size & support to work in wide voltage range condition .

Disadvantage: It is more difficult to repair when break down, and it interferes with the power circuit.

From the power supply working principle, it is well known that  power supply transfers the unstable AC power to stable DC power that can support charging for laptop. What is more, for such transfer circuit, it must be with protection circuit. 。

And the power supply is easy to get hot during working. In order to protect the power supply well, we should pay more attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation while using. 

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