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XED Tell you What power supple is composed of

Time:2015-4-29 11:15:28 Come from: XED Power Supply

Shenzhen XED PowerSupply Co.,Ltd is professional manufacture for power supply more than 10 years,with high quality and strong R&D team.,and the Power supply could beapplied in Monitoring,CCTV camera,outdoor waterproof power supply andElectronics industry(such as router power supply,monitorpower supply,laptop power supply,vehicle recorder etc.)

Basic accessorypart to combined a power supply is below:

1>The switchtransformer-------one of the central part in a power supply.

2>VDR(voltagedependent resistor)---protecting the circuit from damage.

3>InductiveCoil--- reducing the magnetic disturbing.

4>Rectifierbridge(D3SB)- --transferring the voltage 220V to DC.

5>Filter Capacitor(180μF/400V)---reducing the DC ripple with a more reliable circuit.

6>IC--themost important part to maintain circuit and voltage adjustment.

7>Fuse-protectingother electronic components for over-current/voltage.

8>Switchtube--it is one of central parts in switching power supply.

9>Secondaryfilter capacitor-820μF/ 25V

One Switchingpower supply contains above components, and there are some others capacitor &component on PCB board.

10>Secondaryrectifier tube-transferring the related voltage to low voltage DC.

11> temperature probe-detecting the internal temperature of the power supply, and protecting thepower supply from being damaged.

Above is thebasic component and details information for a power supply. If you have any good suggestions or anyrequirements, just contact XED at any time.We will do our best to help you.

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