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How to choose the switching power supply?

Time:2015-5-11 10:30:56 Come from: XED Power Supply

Switching power supply is the one of popular power supply currently. There are  a lot of advantages for this product as below :

1.  Short-circuit protection, over voltage protection & supporting worldwide AC input;

2.  Compacted size with reduced weight;

3.  High working efficiency with low temperature;

4.  100% full-load aging test ;

5.  Gentle starting current;

6.  Built-in EML filter with low ripple output;

With above advantages, people prefer to use switching power supply in daily life, but there is question we need to pay more attention : when we choose the switching power supply,What should we consider in detail ?

1>>Should consider the voltage and current range. Normally speaking, switching power supply supports the endurance for 10% voltage value change, it is better to calculate the correct voltage value we need and choose the suitable one.

2>>It is important to consider the extensibility and safety for the switching power supply

3>Good quality switching power supply should be with great overload protection.

4>Choose the switching power supply with less working pulse & noise.

Above points will be effected the quality of switching power supply, we should pay attention on these factors when you choose a switching power supply.

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